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EditFast Short Writing Contest

Stretch your writer's muscles and win an EditFast membership!

Can you write 250 words about editing/editors/writing/proofreading in the city, state/province, and/or country you live in? If you can, you have a chance to win an EditFast membership for one month free. That's one month for each page accepted for a possible total of three months of free membership!

And that's not all!

In addition to the one month free membership for each page accepted, the winners will also receive a permanent link to their EditFast profile at the top of every winning page submitted by that editor.

And there's more!

If you are the only editor registered in the city, state/province, or country, your submission will automatically win! (as long as the writing is readable and grammatically correct)

How it works

Each editor (that's you!) can write one page of at least 250 words (more is better!) for each of the locations you have registered in your profile (city, state/province, country). For example, if an editor registered with EditFast with the address of "111 Main Street, Smalltown, New York, USA.", that editor could write up to three separate pages of 250 words or more each:

  1. A city page for "Smalltown"
  2. A state page for "New York"
  3. A country page for "USA"

Each page would speak of editing, proofreading, and/or writing, the availability, quality, efficiency, speed, friendliness etc. of editors, proofreaders, and/or writers in that location, and about the city, state/province, and/or country. Positive writing is what we are looking for ("There are no good editors here," will not be accepted!) We are NOT looking for promotion of YOUR skills as an editor. Your profile does that. These pages are for promotion of the location in connection with editing and writing and should not be used to promote your skills.

For an example of a location page go here: HAMILTON
(NOTE: the above page still has the generic text which is used on all location pages at present, but we would like to change that with your help.)

Submission Guidelines

  1. Email the text of the page or attach your submission to an email (one file per email) and send it to me.
  2. Make the subject of the email either "CITY", "STATE/PROVINCE", or "COUNTRY" depending on what the page you are submitting is about.
  3. The closing date for this contest will be Groundhog Day (February 2nd, 2008).
  4. Submissions received after Groundhog Day will be considered if there are no other submissions for that location. The offer of a one month free membership will still apply to all submissions if accepted even if received after the closing date. You can check to see if there is already a page for your location by using the location search function on the EditFast site (top left of every public page). If you see that your location does not yet have a unique page, then feel free to submit your own. You can also simply write to me and inquire.
  5. This contest is only open to EditFast registered editors with "Activated" profiles—those that have passed the tests and completed the registration process.


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